Tarasova Ekaterina

Copywriter / editor
Hello! Good to see you here. I'm a journalist, translator, editor and devoted crypto enthusiast. During the last 5 years I've collaborated with many blockchain projects and participated in the translation of several books and videos about cryptocurrencies into Russian. Some examples of my texts and more info about me you can find below.
This is the first media outlet which started to write about cryptotechnologies in Russian language. I joined the team 5 years ago and now I'm working as a newseditor in this project. Within this period I've done a lot of translating, writing and editing for this resourse. Here you can find the most recent materials: https://bitnovosti.com/author/katerinafutur/
New media project with international team, covering topics in blockchain sphere. I wrote few articles for Cryptoinsider and hope to do more) Russia Is Close to Legalization of Cryptocurrencies
How Far Could the Decentralized State of Mind Bring Us?
Digital Gold
Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money / Цифровое Золото. Невероятная история Биткойна или о том, как идеалисты и бизнесмены изобретают деньги заново. Translation of a book by Nathaniel Popper
Bitcoin for dummies
Translation of a book, not published in Russian yet
Saratov State University
(2004-2009) Department of Philology and journalism, specialization 'Translator of English and French languages'
Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages
(2009) "Multicultural translations, translation of fiction literature"
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